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One month into my work experience with a start-up and still loving it.

Joining a start-up is something that I have always wanted to do - being an integral part of a new company, helping to build and mould it into what it will become. This is the opportunity that I have been offered here at Crucible Medtech. I am delighted to be part of this great team that are solving the gap of small scale manufacturing of medical devices identified by Scottish Enterprise.

Coming from a hospitality back ground my move into the Life Science sector is one that I never thought would be possible or something that I would have chosen, although I knew that I wanted a change. In 2015 the opportunity of joining the Saltire Foundation and going to the world renowned Babson College presented itself and I decided that this would be a great platform for me to make the much thought about change. I resigned my position at the world’s leading online travel agent to take on this exciting new venture.  In September 2015 I embarked on a 4 month executive education course where I learned to refine skills I already had and acquire a wealth of knowledge in fields I had not been subject to before.  It was a most rewarding and fantastic experience.

Fellows return to Scotland after the course at Babson College in Boston USA and as part of their course they do an internship taking on projects within companies, implementing the skills they have been taught. There were a variety of roles and industries available and choosing was not an easy decision. As mentioned I wanted to be a part of a start-up where I could help build a successful company. Looking at all the projects available and after speaking to founder and CEO Peter Estibeiro I felt that there was a great opportunity for me to join an exciting young company. Peter was not deterred by the fact that I did not have a Life Science background and it was agreed that I would join Crucible Medtech on my return in January 2016.

I have been with Crucible for one month now and I have no regrets. It has been a great learning experience for me and I feel I am even picking up some of the ‘medtech lingo’. I have been working closely with Peter during this time and we have been working on all aspects of starting a new company. I realise that you do not need a life science background to start a new company, you just need some knowledge, determination and skills to implement the strategy. Together we have been working on customer segmentation, the company’s vision and messaging, setting up systems and processes and marketing. We have also been meeting with industry experts validating our message as well as prospecting clients. In this short time I have been exposed to and involved in so many business elements I never thought would have been available to me when I first embarked on this journey.

Peter and the rest of the team have been extremely welcoming and I am delighted to be part of the team driving Crucible Medtech in becoming an integral part of the medtech landscape.

We are now moving into a crucial phase of the company.  Work proposals have been sent to prospective clients and it is imperative that we are generating revenue in the near future. We will also be joining the MediCity DEVELOP Accelerator Program, which starts next week. All the work we have done will be thoroughly scrutinised, challenged and tested to ensure we have a solid platform upon which to launch the business.

I would like to leave you with one final thought. This is a message I have heard from almost every person whom I have met who has had an influence in my life and it also was a key message delivered by our lecturers at Babson College: 

Having the right people around you is a key factor to building a successful company. Investors will sooner invest in a great team with a mediocre idea than a poor team with a great idea.
Remember you can teach knowledge but not attitude.

Troy MacLachlan, Business Development Manager, Crucible Medtech Ltd.

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