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Case Study 

Ballistic Shelter


Defense, Design, Innovation, Prototyping 

The challenge

Crucible was a sub-contractor on a DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) funded project to develop rapidly deployable protection for use on the front line.  Our challenge was to re-design and prototype an established rapidly deployable construction solution for faster deployment, faster removal and improved ballistic protection.


Our Solution

Working closely with the principal contractor Crucible helped design, model, and prototype enhancements to the existing system to meet the brief.  This included intellectual input and innovation around assembly/disassembly mechanisms, CAD, fabrication of prototypes from existing components, additive manufacturing at reduced and full-scale to test/demonstrate concepts, identification, and use of specialist technologies new to the project e.g. surface activation of non-reactive plastics to enable the use of adhesives to join dissimilar materials.  Fabrication of test-bed assets for ballistic testing.

The Delivery

Working as part of a team with the principal contractor and other sub-contractors we delivered prototypes of an enhanced specialised platform for rapid deployment of a ballistic-resistant structure.


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Design For Manufacture
User Centred Design
3D Printed
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