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Close Up on Eyes

Case Study 

Retinal Imaging Densitometer


Medical devices, macular degeneration, commercialisation, clinical trials. 

The challenge

The prototype retinal imaging densitometer was developed by Prof. Tom Margrain at Cardiff University and the UK Astronomy Technology Centre in Edinburgh.  It uses  optical analysis technology developed for use in space to image metabolic reactions in the back of eye at a cellular level.  Crucible’s challenge was to understand and articulate market opportunities, lead the business development strategy and prepare for further focussed support leading to commercial partnerships.  In a secondary follow-on project Crucible assisted with preparing a regulatory documentation pack in support of a clinical trial to confirm utility of the device as a diagnostic secondary outcome marker for macular degeneration drug trials.

Our Solution

To use proprietary product readiness level analysis to identify gaps in investor and market readiness.  We created a heavily curated and validated database of companies, consortia and leading academics with an interest in macula degeneration research and drug discovery.  Identified opportunities and set up meetings to understand the need and position our technology to its best advantage.  Raised awareness of the technology with key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry and extended the clients network connections to include potential commercial partners. 

The Delivery

Instrumental in creating the documentation pack for a commercially funded clinical trial where the technology was to be used as an exploratory outcome measure.  Delivered meetings and follow-on discussions with key industry contacts either from network connections or new desk research.


Challenged and validated a number of key assumptions around the potential market for the solution and reported in presentations to the client.


Helped develop and articulate the value proposition and potential barriers to adoption.


Network & Market Positioning
User Centred Design
Value Proposition Development
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