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Case Study 

Step Sense


Medical devices, gait analysis, business development, investor readiness. 

The challenge

Step sense is an AI software solution designed to interpret gait from video files and signpost metrics to diagnose, manage and monitor chronic musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.  The challenge was to develop an investable proposition in the context of technology, applications, and the market.

Our Solution

To use proprietary product readiness level analysis to identify gaps in investor and market readiness.  Set up meetings with potential users and patients for in-depth customer discovery to understand the current ecosystem of providers, payers, customers, and market willingness to adopt the solution.  This included creating as an asset a curated database of UK-registered physiotherapists with a specialist interest in pain management and surgical recuperation.  We also assisted with the design and initial testing of a smartphone bases app version (step-sense home)  to collect patient gait videos for cloud-based analysis.  

The Delivery

Detailed gap analysis, and introductions to potential commercial partners and clinical users.  In-depth understanding of barriers to adoption.  Introduction to potential investors in the US.


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