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Case Study 

Visual Fixation System


Ophthalmology, Industrial Design 

The challenge

Provide a Visual Fixation solution that allows an Optometrist the ability to capture and hold a patient's gaze.  The product will primarily be focused for use on patients with learning disabilities or autism.

Our Solution

We redesigned the original VFS (Visual Fixation Device) prototype with changes to form, usability, and ergonomics and with a clear consensus on sustainability.  Included in the design were multiple handles for use with other products such as retinoscopes and Visual Field examinations.

The Delivery

VFS is a sleek and contemporary visual fixation aid made from 100% sustainable PLA (Polylactic Acid) and is now being used in multiple practices and Opthalmology departments across the UK.


Design For Manufacture
User Centred Design
3D Printed
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